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The International Society of Gene & Cell Therapy is the primary professional membership organization for gene and cell therapy. The Society's members are scientists, physicians, patient advocates, and other professionals.

Dr. Agarwal’s hospitals and Gene research Foundation cordially welcomes you to attend as well as participate in the 2nd International Society for Gene and Cell Therapy Convention being conducted on 18th and 19th November in National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS).

International Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ISGCT) is a primary professional membership organization dedicated to gene and stem cell therapy and its applications. The society’s members include esteemed scientists, doctors, patient advocates and other professionals.

Dr. Agarwal’s hospitals and Gene research Foundation is glad to have successfully conducted International Society For Gene and Cell Therapy (ISGCT)’s first ever convention last year from November 3rd to November 5th 2017 in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The convention is to connect people interested in the field of genetics and stem cell research to discuss and give a detailed orientation on the quantum leaps made in the field of genetic research every year. Last year there were several speakers whose knowledge and research intelligence increased awareness about stem cell investigations worldwide.


Mission & Vision



To foster connections between research and education to turn great ideas into real solutions.

Plethora of opportunities in a single event held on '18th & 19th Nov 2018',at Nimhans convention center



The primary aim of ISGCT is to collaborate scientists, physicians, patients, regulatory authorities and industry on one platform to evaluate the progress made in the field of stem cell and gene research, treatment and results. We will be showcasing cutting edge technologies such as DNA amplification, disease identification through next gene sequencing, genome editing and autologous DNA and stem cell therapy.

Board, Officers & Advisory Council

The ISGCT Board of Directors and the Society's Officers have full responsibility for the management, direction and control of the business, policies and affairs of ISGCT, subject only to limitations set forth in the Society's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

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By Laws

Read the full Society Bylaws, which were amended and restated in August 2015. BYLAWS OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF GENE & CELL THERAPY.

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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics of ASGCT applies to the ISGCT Board of Directors and Advisory Council and is enforceable solely by ISGCT..

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Read the mission statements of the ISGCT standing committees.

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Committee Members

View the standing and scientific committees’ rosters.

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History & Overview

Read more about the history and framework of ASGCT, including the Mission and Vision Statements, the Definition of Gene Therapy, Historical Highlights, a fact sheet, and the membership categories.

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Molecular Therapy - ISGCT's Offical Journal

Read the latest issue of ISGCT's journal, Molecular Therapy. ISGCT Members receive a subscription to the Journal as one of their member benefits. Please login to the Members Only section of the ISGCT website to access Molecular Therapy. Associate Members may contact the ISGCT office to receive an online subscription at a reduced rate.

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Position Statements

The India Society of Gene & Cell Therapy informs the media and public about new developments in gene and cell therapy and gene and cell therapy research through position statements. Visit this page to view recent ISGCT position statements.

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Stratergic Plan

In July 2016, ISGCT began a comprehensive strategic planning effort to chart the direction and future course of ISGCT. The strategic plan includes input from the ISGCT membership, key opinion leaders in gene and cell therapy, the Society leadership, and Society staff members. Click here to read more about the strategic initiatives and accomplishments that have taken place in 2015-2016.

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